Beneath the Planet of the Apes

They were heading
into the territory we call...

Yes, l know, the forbidden zone.
- Who told you that?
- Your glorious leader back there.

- Zira!
- Quick. Quick.

- Cornelius, open the door.
- Put the things away.

Open it!
Dr Zaius. How nice.
We were just about to have something to eat.

Not until l've talked some sense
to that headstrong wife ofyours.

- Where is she?
- Good day, Dr Zaius.

- Good heavens. Has there been an accident?
- Cornelius hit me.

For my bad behavior at the meeting.
- l don't blame him.
- l don't resent it.

But his nails need clipping.
Enough ofthis nonsense.
Are you so blind, you two psychologists,

that you're unaware that
we're on the verge of a grave crisis?

- You heard the Ursus' speech.
- Militaristic tripe!

- Zira!
- Perhaps.

But now he has the incident he requires
to go on a rampage of conquest.

- But that is appalling!
- To remain silent while this bully Ursus

is permitted to destroy everything
in his path is no longer possible.

As minister of science, it is my duty to find
out whether some other form of life exists.

- Where are you going?
- lnto the forbidden zone, with Ursus.

Another manhunt, Doctor?
Someone, or something, has outwitted
the intelligence ofthe gorillas.

- That shouldn't be difficult.
- Zira.

We apes have learned to live in innocence.
Let no one, be it man or some other creature,
dare to contaminate that innocence.

Why, is innocence so evil?
- lgnorance is.
- There is a time for truth.

And the time is always now.