Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

Except for you Jews...
But at least the workers
at my place...

are almost all antifascist.
This is nice...
but to think
of being here forever--

You never go out anymore?
No, never.
Anyway, where would I go?

If it were possible to pick the faces
one met on the street...

I would go out.
But whenever I did go out...
I always felt
I was being spied on...

Whereas here
you pick the faces.

Is that what you mean?
Not exactly.
There are never many of us here.
I never feel attacked.
I know what you think:
that I have no zest for life.

But who can give me that?
My seven old graybeards--
you know what they are?

- Palms.
- Good! But what kind of palms?

I don't know.
Granny Josette got them
from the Rome Botanical Garden.

Washingtonia fiilifera.
Why are you laughing?
You're so ignorant!

I bet you can't tell
an elm from an oak.

Come on, what tree is that?
To me all trees are alike.
I, for one, detest anyone
who doesn't love trees!

That plane tree, for example...
may have been planted
by Lucrezia Borgia!

It's nearly 500 years old.

Let's go.
Oh, a flat tire!
When I was little,
I used to run off.

Not Alberto.
He was always more obedient.

One day,
when I'd stayed out too long...