Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

What's happening in Ferrara?
Whom do you see?
When am I coming back?
Tomorrow, if I could.

I must finish my thesis first.
Surely by Passover.
When is it this year?

No, I can't any sooner.
It's like a century
since I saw you.

What's wrong?
Why, nothing, Micol.
I'm fine, I assure you.

I long to have you back here.
That's true, but there's no reason
for you to worry.

I've had the X rays.
No, nothing new.
I said there's nothing new.
Shall I phone tomorrow?
If you like.
All right. I promise.
- Where are all these troops going?
- To their regiments. Then who knows?

Want some newspapers?
I'll wait and read
the French ones tomorrow.