Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

What's wrong?
Why, nothing, Micol.
I'm fine, I assure you.

I long to have you back here.
That's true, but there's no reason
for you to worry.

I've had the X rays.
No, nothing new.
I said there's nothing new.
Shall I phone tomorrow?
If you like.
All right. I promise.
- Where are all these troops going?
- To their regiments. Then who knows?

Want some newspapers?
I'll wait and read
the French ones tomorrow.

I think there's a seat over here.
No, this way!
Try to get some sleep tonight,
wonÂ’t you, please?

No, I want to be awake
crossing the French border.

Try to economize.
We can't send much money abroad.

So put it away safely
and be very careful.

I'm just going off to school,
not to war!

- Got everything?
- Yes, everything.