Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

- Good night.
- Good night, Father.

With all the 1 9- and 20-year-olds
they could draft...

why do they put the bite on us?
I've done my share.
Eighteen months in Ethiopia,
malaria and dysentery included.

Get someone else now!
- Where are we?
- We just passed Novara.

You're safe working at Fiat.
Without your guns,
how do we fight?

No, we're not safe.
Lots of our men have been called up.

All I ask is to stay in Italy.
Anything but Africa,
after what I saw.

Move over.
We really used poison gas?
We sure did!
Macaroni, vive la liberte!
What a superb beard!
How are you?

Fine! How about you
and Mother, Father and Fanny?

Fine! We're all fine.
So many soldiers.
Do they expect war to break out?

Yes. A lot of us Italians
are here now.

A Levi from Turin,
a Piperno from Rome.

All of them students.
But youÂ’ll soon meet them.

In Italy, they think
France and England...

will compromise again
at the last moment.

The Italians know nothing.
You can't think when you don't know.