Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

Macaroni, vive la liberte!
What a superb beard!
How are you?

Fine! How about you
and Mother, Father and Fanny?

Fine! We're all fine.
So many soldiers.
Do they expect war to break out?

Yes. A lot of us Italians
are here now.

A Levi from Turin,
a Piperno from Rome.

All of them students.
But youÂ’ll soon meet them.

In Italy, they think
France and England...

will compromise again
at the last moment.

The Italians know nothing.
You can't think when you don't know.

For us, what is there
to look forward to now?

They talk a lot about the Stuka.
The call it ""the victory plane.""
I bet it's nothing new.
May I have the salt?
What's that number on your arm?
I'll tell you later.
It was put on me at Dachau.
Do they talk about Dachau
in Italy?

No? What a pity.
What is Dachau?
It's a hotel in the woods.
A hundred chalets,
all rooms without baths...

a single latrine...