Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

For us, what is there
to look forward to now?

They talk a lot about the Stuka.
The call it ""the victory plane.""
I bet it's nothing new.
May I have the salt?
What's that number on your arm?
I'll tell you later.
It was put on me at Dachau.
Do they talk about Dachau
in Italy?

No? What a pity.
What is Dachau?
It's a hotel in the woods.
A hundred chalets,
all rooms without baths...

a single latrine...
surrounded by barbed wire.
The service is provided by the SS.
Instead of tagging our luggage,
they brand numbers on our flesh...

as a souvenir of their hospitality.
The guests at Dachau
are Jews, Communists...

Socialists like me,
dissidents of all varieties.

In other words...
those whom the Nazis call
the dregs of the human race.

I got out alive...
because I'm a coward.
I told them
I had become a Nazi.

My brother didn't know
about any of this.

So now he knows too.