Wuthering Heights

50 a year?
Only for a few years.
lt won't be wasted, l can assure you.

lt's a deal of hard-earned brass.
Even my lessons aren't free.
l don't begrudge you your few pennies,
but 50....

Say 60.
l'm sure if your dear wife were still alive
it's what she'd have wished.

Any more for York?
I, it seemed, was the only one
who regretted his departure.

Come on then, gee up. Come on.
But in the years that followed,
I took comfort in the fact...

...that the Master became less irritable
without Hindley there to provoke him.

In the course of time, however...
...failing health left him
an unhappy and peevish man.

The fire, girl.
Do you want me to freeze to death?

And so I tended the ailing master...
...while Cathy and Heathcliff, promising,
it seemed, to grow up rude as savages...

...became more reckless every day.
At this time they seemed
to need for nothing but each other...

...so deep and close was their friendship.
Why can't you always be a good lass?
Why can't you always be a good man,