Zabriskie Point

But Why? - I'm looking for a place
called Glenville

or Ballyville or something like that
Something with "Ville" inside.
You know the desert, does it ring a bell?
"Ville"... Hold on, wait.
with "Ville". What do you mean? Like Denville?
A place in the desert,
Denville is in Connecticut.

Or maybe it ends in "Hill",
a word like that

Yes, well, but why do you want to go to a town
you don't even know the name of?
An appointment?

A friend of mine told me it is
the perfect place to meditate.

And what are you going to do there?
- thinking of thoughts

thinking of what? Daria! Listen to me,
give me your number,

I'll try to get the name of the town
and I'll call you back, ok?

No no, or else you'd be capable of sending
an helicopter to fetch me

Please come back in three minutes
- Just a moment miss

Listen up, give me your number and hang up,
I'll call you back in five minutes,
so that I can pay the call.

See you in Phoenix
Excuse me, do you know a place
here in the surroundin

called Glenville or Ballyville
something like that?

BarKstead? - Oh, that's it
Of course, that's where we are. - Oh really?
Did you come here to visit
a James Patterson by chance?

How do you know that? - You have the same look.
Tell him as for me that
he'll be the death of this town,

that he's going to ruin
a piece of american history.