Zabriskie Point

See you in Phoenix
Excuse me, do you know a place
here in the surroundin

called Glenville or Ballyville
something like that?

BarKstead? - Oh, that's it
Of course, that's where we are. - Oh really?
Did you come here to visit
a James Patterson by chance?

How do you know that? - You have the same look.
Tell him as for me that
he'll be the death of this town,

that he's going to ruin
a piece of american history.

Do you remember Jonny Wilson?
- Jonny Wilson? No.

That's me. I was middleweight world champion.
Middleweight world champion?
Bravo! - Thank you.

He wants to be a benefactor,
he brought here a pack of children
from Los Angeles

he says, they are ill, traumatized,
do you know what does it mean?

But if Los Angeles doesn't want them,
why should we?

You damned criminals! Just try to come back!
So, you've seen it with your own eyes,
that glass will cost me 30 dollars