Columbo: Dead Weight

- I would have called but...
- But what?

I didn't want to risk a wiretap.
A wiretap? You sound paranoid, Colonel.
No, General. Just being cautious.
And the reason for this caution?
The word just came down this morning.
A special directive to all section chiefs.
The Inspector General's starting
a full investigation of arms contracts.

I see.
- You're sure?
- Yes, sir.

That's unfortunate.
But I suppose it would have
happened sooner or later.

- If they find out...
- They won't find out.

General, if anyone digs deep enough,
they'll discover I've let your
construction company charge a fortune.

Offer the standard explanation,
unforeseen difficulties
in developing the arms system.

It won't stand up. When the IG
sees your bargain-basement bids

he'll know I let you
practically steal those contracts.

They'll indict both of us.
As you say, Colonel,
you're the one that accepted the bids.

You approved the overruns.
With that much money involved, they'll
know we were in it together. I'm getting out.

- Oh?
- I'm leaving for Geneva tonight.

- And you might do the same.
- I have a business to run.

Besides, I never believed in a forced retreat.
Maybe you can bluff them
but I don't have your reputation.

You'll have less of a reputation
if you go AWOL. It's an admission of guilt.

They won't know it for 30 days. I took leave.
It's a small world, Colonel. They'll find you.
No way, sir. I'll manage to disappear.
And if they do,
just for the sake of argument?

Naturally, I'd keep your involvement
to myself. I'd refuse to testify.

Not even to shorten a jail sentence
for giving evidence?