Columbo: Dead Weight

A uniform. Well, come in.
These young men are from
my alma mater, Lieutenant. MMI.

They're here to take away
my military souvenirs for...

permanent enshrinement
at the Memorial Hall.

As a matter of fact, MMI is giving me
a testimonial dinner tonight.

It's for the 20th anniversary of my retirement
and the opening of the Hollister Exhibit.

Yes. General, do you think
I could look inside?

Lieutenant, wouldn't that be a little obvious?
I wanna tell my superiors
that I've checked everything out.

- They've started nailing it shut.
- It's just two nails, sir.

Very well. Gentlemen?
My friend here would like
to inspect the crate.

- Would you open it again, please?
- Yes, sir.

- A lot of guns.
- War trophies, Lieutenant.

Er... AK-47 assault rifle.
PPSh-41 drum.
PPSh-41 clip.
All Soviet-made, and as you've observed,
all with their firing pins removed.

I see. They're very, very interesting,

War mementos, Lieutenant.
Lively memories, empty uniforms,