Columbo: Dead Weight

- Would you open it again, please?
- Yes, sir.

- A lot of guns.
- War trophies, Lieutenant.

Er... AK-47 assault rifle.
PPSh-41 drum.
PPSh-41 clip.
All Soviet-made, and as you've observed,
all with their firing pins removed.

I see. They're very, very interesting,

War mementos, Lieutenant.
Lively memories, empty uniforms,
all carefully packed for the exhibit.
Oh, yes, of course. I'm sorry, sir.
Er... I'll just put these back in here.
There you are. I...
I think that is fine.
Thank you very much.

Carry on, gentlemen.
- Could I offer you something?
- Oh, no. Thank you very much.

- Say, you got a beautiful place here.
- Thank you.

It's roomy and it's homey and...
That's a fireplace. Wow!
Boy, you know, when I was a kid,
we used to have those fake wooden kinds.

Remember them? They had a fan
in the back and a red light and ribbons.

You'd turn on the fan,
and the ribbons would flutter.

Yeah, they were terrific.
- That's funny.
- What's funny?

Don't you have those irons?
You know, that you put
in the fireplace to put the...