Columbo: Dead Weight

all carefully packed for the exhibit.
Oh, yes, of course. I'm sorry, sir.
Er... I'll just put these back in here.
There you are. I...
I think that is fine.
Thank you very much.

Carry on, gentlemen.
- Could I offer you something?
- Oh, no. Thank you very much.

- Say, you got a beautiful place here.
- Thank you.

It's roomy and it's homey and...
That's a fireplace. Wow!
Boy, you know, when I was a kid,
we used to have those fake wooden kinds.

Remember them? They had a fan
in the back and a red light and ribbons.

You'd turn on the fan,
and the ribbons would flutter.

Yeah, they were terrific.
- That's funny.
- What's funny?

Don't you have those irons?
You know, that you put
in the fireplace to put the...

- Oh. Andirons.
- Andirons. Yeah.

No, I never build a fire there.
It's too much trouble.

- Easier to turn up the thermostat.
- I see.

Oh, for show.
- Oh, the wood is for show.
- Mm-hm.

Lieutenant, I've been thinking. The person
who turned in that report was right.

There was someone here in uniform.
While I was packing...
I couldn't resist
trying on the old harness, you know.

I'm glad to be able to tell you
that I can still get into it.

The report said there was
another man here, dressed in a bathrobe.

Whoever filed that report
was seeing double.

Yes, I was wearing a bathrobe
while I was packing.

- Got a match?
- A match.

- There you are.
- Thank you.