Columbo: Dead Weight

which is all very well and good,
but I was wondering,
what happened to that revolver?

Because when I looked into the crate,
you know, I didn't see it in there.

Lost it, Lieutenant. Long time ago.
When I was in the hospital in Korea,
someone "liberated" it, you know.

Wanted a souvenir.
Actually, I was pretty pleased it was taken.

It was getting to be just too much
of a publicity gimmick.

I see. So the Hollister Exhibit
is gonna have to do without
the famous Hollister gun.

Er, not exactly.
MMI wanted one for their Memorial

- so they had a duplicate made.
- I see. Uh-huh.

Now, I've gotta change.
So, if there's anything else I can do for you?

- No, that'd be all, sir.
- Oh, fine.

Just a piece of advice.
Find a different spot.
Or use a different bait.

Otherwise, you're not gonna
catch anything, Lieutenant.

Mrs Stewart. Mrs Stewart!