Columbo: Dead Weight

Here's to your convictions...
and my acquittal.

Oh, I don't judge you, General.
I just report what I saw.
Er... I'd like to suggest
the possibility that you were deceived.
Deceived by whom?
By yourself.
We all know the tricks
that the sun and the sea,

even your own eyes, can play on you.
Particularly after a long day on the water.
Would you admit that that's possible?
Just possible.
Well, I suppose so.
The defence rests. For today.
Now, I think we ought
to prosecute these martinis

before their statutes of limitations expire.
Your mother told me that you were divorced.
Well, I saw how very good
you were with those children.

- Do you have any of your own?
- No.

Unfortunately. I always wanted them but...
Tom, that's my ex, he didn't want children.
We used to fight about that a lot.
Well, maybe you only lost one battle,
Mrs Stewart...

not a whole war.
What about you? Are you married?
No. I never did find the time.
First there was my military career.
Then my construction company.
I was married to the business, as they say.

Well, I can understand that.