Columbo: Dead Weight

Your mother told me that you were divorced.
Well, I saw how very good
you were with those children.

- Do you have any of your own?
- No.

Unfortunately. I always wanted them but...
Tom, that's my ex, he didn't want children.
We used to fight about that a lot.
Well, maybe you only lost one battle,
Mrs Stewart...

not a whole war.
What about you? Are you married?
No. I never did find the time.
First there was my military career.
Then my construction company.
I was married to the business, as they say.

Well, I can understand that.
Do you ever regret it?
Not really.
Oh, there are exceptions, like...
last night, when the door opened
and I saw you.

Come on, General.
You don't think I'm so insensitive
as to not see through that remark?

Now, what do you mean by that?
Well, yesterday I called the police
and I... I reported
that I saw you shoot a man.

And today you're telling me that
when you saw me, music filled your ears

and thunder and lightning filled the sky?
Oh, boy!

Yeah, you're right.
If... I guess if we'd both see
such a scene in a movie, we'd break up.

I meant it, though.
And to prove that,
I want to take you to dinner.