Columbo: Dead Weight

Do you ever regret it?
Not really.
Oh, there are exceptions, like...
last night, when the door opened
and I saw you.

Come on, General.
You don't think I'm so insensitive
as to not see through that remark?

Now, what do you mean by that?
Well, yesterday I called the police
and I... I reported
that I saw you shoot a man.

And today you're telling me that
when you saw me, music filled your ears

and thunder and lightning filled the sky?
Oh, boy!

Yeah, you're right.
If... I guess if we'd both see
such a scene in a movie, we'd break up.

I meant it, though.
And to prove that,
I want to take you to dinner.

I'll take that for a yes.
If Helen had just closed her eyes
to some of Tom's flirtations,

they might still be married!
Whatever happened
to your husband, Mrs Walters?

Who knows? Sent him out
for Chinese food 30 years ago

and I haven't heard from him since.
You know, I have raised that girl since
she was three years old, single-handed?

- Mrs Stewart.
- Hello, Lieutenant.

Well, I hope you don't expect to eat now.
No. I already had dinner.
At a lovely restaurant overlooking
the city. It was just beautiful.

You might have called. Did you dine alone?
Why, no. Not this time.
As a matter of fact,
I had dinner with General Hollister.

General Hollister!