Columbo: Dead Weight

What do you know about that?
Are you gonna see him again?

Well, he asked me to come out on his yacht.
Well, that calls for a drink.
You play your cards right,
bourbon today, champagne tomorrow.

Makes you kinda wonder, doesn't it?
About the general.

- What do you mean?
- I didn't tell him your name.

And I didn't tell him where you lived.
So, he musta gone
to a lot of trouble to find you.

- Curiosity about his accuser.
- Yeah.

Could be that.
Course, it could be something else.

Oh, thanks a lot, Lieutenant.
Am I so uninteresting that he couldn't
be interested in me for myself?

Oh, no. I didn't mean that at all.
You're a very individual person.
I was talking about the shooting.
I had second thoughts about the shooting.

You see, our traffic people
picked up a couple of kids.

They were joyriding in a car they hot-wired.
And it turned out this car belonged
to a Roger Dutton

and he's a marine colonel, Mrs Stewart.
It could be that he was the man
that you saw in the general's house.

You did a lot of investigating
for a man who asked me
if I wore glasses, or if I had been drinking.

That's just part of the job.
Anyway, I found out this Colonel Dutton

booked a passage
on an 8pm flight to Switzerland.

But then, he never showed up
to take the plane.

I still don't get the connection.
You see, this Colonel Dutton,
he was in the Marine Matériel Command.
That's a procurement officer.
But he had a lot of dealings
with General Hollister.

And he suddenly took leave
and then he just disappeared.

Now, if you could identify
the officer in this photograph

as the man that General Hollister shot,