Columbo: Death Lends a Hand

You know what was funny about
your appointments with Mrs Kennicut?

Er, the first two were in the morning
and all the rest, and I counted 13 of them,
they were always in the middle
or the late afternoon.

- So?
- Well, I guess it's not important.

I guess it's nothing.
Wait a minute. I'll take off my coat.

Except that, er,
every time you had an appointment
with Mrs Kennicut,

it was always the last lesson of the day.
I like to finish at a reasonable hour.
Doesn't everyone?

Oh, I see. So those days, you left the club.
I thought you'd hang around
to see if you could pick up an odd lesson.

Well, I didn't always go home.
Who said anything about going home?
What I mean is I didn't always
leave the club. Sometimes...

Hey, listen. Can I help you out?
Don't say anything else.
You don't have an attorney.

Wait until you get an attorney.
This way you can hurt your case.

Believe me, I know something
about my business.

I don't know anything about golf.
See, that's your business.

I know something about my business.
And believe me, you know,
down through the years,

you get so that you develop
a nose for things, you see?

And, er...
after a while,
the old nose just tells you
when someone's not giving you the truth.

Now, I'm gonna forget about the lesson,
cos I could never learn this game,

but I'll be back to talk to you.
Ground covered by the police
is not our concern.

One thing to bear in mind,
money was taken.