Columbo: Lady in Waiting

And there's 10.50 on that meter.
Gee, I've only got $11.
Well, go ahead. Keep it all.
You're a sport.
(Engine starts, taxi drives away)
All right, easy, boy.
Now, Enrico, come here,
Come here. Come here!

Now, stop that, you hear?
I want you to behave yourself.

That is a tough little monkey you got.
Enrico is not a monkey.
He's a pedigree silky.

Oh, I can see that, ma'am.
It's just a figure of speech.

Now, you stay there.
Where is my daughter?

I don't know, ma'am.
She's probably asleep.

Where's Charles?
It's his day off. Are you Mrs Chadwick?
Yes. And you?
My name is Columbo, ma'am.
I'm a lieutenant from the police.

Just a minute. Not so quickly.
I'd like to look that over.

Well, I must say, you hardly look the role.
Well, you know how it is.
You brought my bags in?
Yes, ma'am. The cab fare was $10.50.
It was a 50-cent tip, so that's $11.