Columbo: Lady in Waiting

Sorry, Lieutenant.
This must be embarrassing for you.

No, not really, no.
You see, I come from a very big family

and at dinner time it was like,
well, Madison Square Garden.

- We used to patch it up with coffee.
- Is that a hint?

I smelled it when I came in.
I sure could use some.

I should think it's obvious
I'm in no mood for coffee.

Uh, ma'am, would you like me
to take your bags upstairs?

No, thank you.
Beth can attend to them.
He was a special man, Lieutenant.
Very special.
He kept us all together.
I thought you lived in Palm Desert.
I mean spiritually.
When my husband died...
I couldn't stay in this house any longer.

That's certainly understandable.
Then your son took over the business?

Yes, and turned it into one of the largest
advertising agencies on the West Coast.

Really? Marvellous.
He took over from
my husband in many ways,

including dealing with Beth
and her problems.

Her choice of men,
when she's had a choice,

has never been particularly mature.
Oh, yeah. Like that Peter Hamilton.
Exactly. He's an obvious fortune-hunter.
Of course, she'd have no way
of seeing through him, would she?

I'm afraid not.
She's something of a child, Lieutenant.

Her decisions are always
vague and emotional.

Bryce was far more perceptive.
He never married. Why was that?
- What are you implying?
- No offence, ma'am.

He seems very distinctive and unique
and I was curious about him.

Well, he was. But he had far too many
responsibilities for marriage

and I suppose
he never met the right woman.