Columbo: Murder by the Book

Who is it?
- Oh, you're not intimidated, huh?
- Oh, come on, Ken.

You're forgetting I'm one half
of the world's greatest mystery writing team.

You don't have gloves on,
your finger's not on the trigger

and there are no bullets in the cylinder.
You're right. I'm a lousy practical joker.
What are you doing here with that thing?
I was on my way down to the cabin.
I thought I could use it for protection.

- Also came by to apologise.
- For what?

For blowing my cork the other day.
I got out of line.

Forget it. That happens.
Nah. Shouldn't happen.
Not between you and me.

So, believe it or not, sir, this is a peace pipe.
Bottoms up, Jim.
In the middle of the morning?
Oh, come on. Relax. It's Saturday.