Fiddler on the Roof

What am I going to tell your mother?
Another dream?
Perhaps if you tell her...
that I'm going to visit a rich uncle!
Perchik, please!
I can handle my own wife!

- Hello, Golde.
- Have some soup.

I have something
very important to tell you.

Have the soup.
It's warm.
- I've just met Perchik and Hodel.
- Well?

Well, they seem to be
very fond of each other.

So? What do you mean?
So, I've decided to give them
my permission to become engaged.

- I'll eat later...
- What?

Just like that?
Without even asking me?

Who asks you?
- I'm the father!
- Who is he?

A pauper! He has absolutely nothing!
I wouldn't say that!
I hear he has a rich uncle.
A rich uncle!
Golde, he's a good man.
I like him. He's a little crazy,
but I like him.

And what's more important...