King Lear

A dog's obeyed in office.
Thou rascal beadle,
hold thy bloody hand.

Why dost thou
lash that whore?

Strip thine own back;
thou hotly lusts
to use her in that kind
for which thou whip'st her.

The usurer hangs
the cozener.

Through tatter'd clothes
great vices do appear.

Robes and furr'd
gowns hide all.

Plate sin with gold,
and the strong lance
of justice hurtless breaks.

Arm it in rags,
a pygmy's straw
does pierce it.

None does offend.
I say none.
I'll able 'em.
Take that of me, my friend,
who have the power
to seal th' accuser's lips.

Get thee glass eyes
and, like a scurvy politician,

seem to see
the things thou dost not.

Now, now, now, now!
Here, pull off my boots.
If thou wilt weep my fortunes,
take my eyes.
I know thee well enough;
thy name is Gloucester.

Thou must be patient.