King Lear

I say none.
I'll able 'em.
Take that of me, my friend,
who have the power
to seal th' accuser's lips.

Get thee glass eyes
and, like a scurvy politician,

seem to see
the things thou dost not.

Now, now, now, now!
Here, pull off my boots.
If thou wilt weep my fortunes,
take my eyes.
I know thee well enough;
thy name is Gloucester.

Thou must be patient.
We came crying hither.
Thou know'st
the first time that
we smell the air,

we wawl and cry.
I'll preach to thee. Mark.
Alack, alack the day!
When we are born,
we cry

that we are come
to this great stage of fools.

This a good block.
It were a delicate
stratagem to shoe
a troop of horse with felt;

I'll put it to the proof;
and when I have stolen
upon these son-in-laws,

then kill, kill,
kill, kill, kill, kill!

Sir, your most
dear daughter...

No rescue?
What, a prisoner?
I am even the natural
fool of fortune.