King Lear

Use me well;
you shall have ransom.

Let me have surgeons;
I am cut to th' brains.

You shall
have anything.

No seconds? All myself?
Why, this would make a man
a man of salt,

to use his eyes
for garden water-pots,

ay, and laying
Autumn's dust.

I will die bravely,
like a smug bridegroom.
What! I will be jovial.
Come, come;
I am a king, masters,
know you that.

You are a royal one,
and we obey you.

Then there's life in't.
Come, an you get it.
You shall get it
by running.
Sa, sa, sa, sa.

Come on,
come on, come on!

Ask of the Duke
if his last purpose hold,

or whether since
he's changed his course.

He's full of alteration.
Our very loving sister,
well be-met.

Sir, you speak nobly.