King Lear

Come on,
come on, come on!

Ask of the Duke
if his last purpose hold,

or whether since
he's changed his course.

He's full of alteration.
Our very loving sister,
well be-met.

Sir, you speak nobly.
Where I could not
be honest, I never
yet was valiant.

For this war,
it touches us as France
invades this land,

not as regards the King,
whose cause is
just and heavy.

Why is this reason'd?
The enemy's in view;
draw up your powers.

Combine together
'gainst the enemy;

for these particular broils
are not the question here.

Then let's determine
on our proceeding.

I shall attend you
presently at your tent.

Now, sweet lord, tell me,
but truly,
but then speak
the truth,

do you not
love my sister?

In honour'd love.
But have you never
found my brother's way
to the forfended place?