King Lear

I cannot be so
partial, Goneril,

to the great love
I bear you.

I pray you content.
Shalt see thy
other daughter
will use thee kindly;

for although she's
as like this as a crab's
like an apple,

yet I can tell
what I can tell.

What canst tell, boy?
That she will taste
as like this as a crab
does to a crab.

Canst tell why one's nose
stands i' th' middle
of one's face?

Why, to keep one's eyes
on either side of one's nose.

That what a man
cannot smell out,
he may spy into.

I did her wrong.
Canst tell
how an oyster
makes his shell?

Nor I, neither.

But I can tell why
a snail has a house.

Why, to put his head in;
not to give it away
to his daughters.

I will forget
my nature.

So kind a father.
The reason why
the seven stars are
no more than seven

is a pretty reason.
Because they are
not eight?

Yes, indeed.
Thou wouldst make
a good fool.