King Lear

Canst tell why one's nose
stands i' th' middle
of one's face?

Why, to keep one's eyes
on either side of one's nose.

That what a man
cannot smell out,
he may spy into.

I did her wrong.
Canst tell
how an oyster
makes his shell?

Nor I, neither.

But I can tell why
a snail has a house.

Why, to put his head in;
not to give it away
to his daughters.

I will forget
my nature.

So kind a father.
The reason why
the seven stars are
no more than seven

is a pretty reason.
Because they are
not eight?

Yes, indeed.
Thou wouldst make
a good fool.

To take't
again perforce.

Monster ingratitude.
If thou wert
my fool, nuncle,

I'd have thee beaten
for being old
before thy time.

How's that?
Thou shouldst not
have been old till
thou hadst been wise.

O, let me
not be mad,

not mad, sweet heaven!
Keep me in temper.
I would not be mad.
How now, brother Edmund!
What serious contemplation
are you in?

I was thinking, brother,
of a prediction
I read this other day,

what should follow
these eclipses.

And do you busy
yourself with that?

I promise you,
the effects he writes of
succeed unhappily;