Land des Schweigens und der Dunkelheit

He touches the lips
of the one talking...

and he repeats the word.
It's a car with a trailer.
It's very difficult...
to guess at the thoughts
of our pupils...

how they think, what they feel.
We can only guess at it.
I still remember my visit...
about two years ago.
Harald was a little devil.
He was fascinated by watches.
It's much harder still...
to teach them abstract ideas.
We give them practical examples.
When we want to explain
the meaning of "good"...

we say: Harald gets up...
Harald learns,
Harald helps Sabine...

Harald is good.
Then we show him the opposite:
Harald hits Sabine...

Harald takes something away
from Sabine...

Harald is bad.
That's how we teach them...