Play Misty for Me

I just wanted to surprise you.
What happens if he and I
had been talking business?

Or maybe I have female company
and you come traipsing in with groceries?

That would be some surprise.
I'm sorry.
Keep that stuff.
I think I've lost my appetite.

Hang on a minute.
I'm just trying to tell you something.
I don't understand.
Should I go or stay? What?

I'm telling you there's a telephone,
and I pick it up and I dial it.

You answer and I say,
"What are you doing?"

And I say, "I'll be right over."
Fine. Next time,
why don't we do it that way?

Okay. Any way you like. Next time.
How do you like your steak?
Extremely rare.
That's just how I like mine.
Extremely rare.

I'll get some wine here. A little vino.
Vino! All this and heaven, too!
This is gonna be some dinner.
What happened to that discussion
we had last time?

You know,
the deal about no strings and all that?

There are no strings,
but I never said anything...

...about not coming back for seconds, did I?
That's right. You didn't.
When will I see you?
I'll give you a call.
- Dave, you're funny.
- How's that?

If you want to keep playing these games,
okay, but...

...they're really not necessary anymore,
not for me.

People are trying to sleep here!
People are trying to talk here!
- How'd you like to tell that to the law?
- How'd you like to go screw yourself?

Take it easy!
Guy's just trying to sleep, that's all.

You're right.
It's a terrific morning.
Why be selfish with it?