Columbo: Blueprint for Murder

Lieutenant, Beau is a...
He's a high-powered tycoon.

He's got exotic business interests
all over the world.

Isn't it possible for reasons not known
that he might occasionally
fly under a different name?

Yes. That is possible.
Then I wouldn't worry about it.
If you'll excuse me,
a hungry architect would like his dinner.

You know what's
a funny thing about that car?

Car's got a tape machine, and
the glove compartment is full of cassettes.

Every one of 'em is
country and western music, that's all.

And his wife says that's all he listens to.
Nothing unusual about that.
No, except the radio dial was set at 52.
Classical station.
Turned it on. Classical music.
I see.
- You want a half a candy bar?
- No.

Anyway, it seems that
whoever was driving that car

must've been listening to classical music.
It's confusing.
I'm sure you'll find an answer,

I'm certainly gonna try.
Anyway, thanks for your time.
Uh, as for your designs,
Mr Williamson did give his approval,
didn't he?

I already told you, Lieutenant.
Once he calmed down,
he gave his full support.

Right. Thanks very much.
- You know, that's some coincidence.
- What is?

That music thing.
You're a great
classical music fan yourself, aren't ya?

- I saw your records in the office.
- Guilty. I like classical music.

Along with thousands of other people
in this city.

Me too. I like it myself. Enjoy your meal.