Kansas City Bomber

They want their mother back.
- You can understand that, can't you?
- Yeah. I realize that, Mom.

Duties of a mother come first.
- I don't expect to be a skater all my life.
- They need you here!

Don't you think I know that?
Don't you think I wanna be with them?
Well, you can.
I ran into Mr. Mallory the other day.
You know what he said? "She can have her
job back at the store any time she wants it."

That's just great, Mom.
A cuspidor in every room.

- For chrissake! What do you expect...?
- Don't use that language in this house.

How many ways do you
keep having to say it?

You never used to talk like that.
- It's easy to see where you picked it up.
- I was dying here.

We all were. You know that.
Okay, so how much better are you doing?
Traipsing all over the country!

It won't be forever.
Why don't you come back here?
Come on back.

Mr. Mallory wants to marry you.
There's a dozen girls in this town
that'd jump at the chance to get him.

Oh, you're choosy!
- Damn right!
- Well, you're in no position to be!

Dreams are over. You gotta pay your way.
Don't you understand?

I think it's all a bunch of riddles.
I don't know what you're talking about.

You don't listen. It's not riddles.
I want a little piece of the action...

...so I don't have to apologize every time
I turn around. That's all.

Come on. Come on!
I just think you ought to take a good
look at what's right under your nose.

At what's really important. See?