Last House on the Left

Taking them girls, that's the kind of crime
people never forgive you for.

Sex crime.
Shut up! You're disturbing my rhythm.
How did we get into
this sex crime business, anyway?

My brother Sol, the plumber,
he makes twice as much money as me...

...and gets three weeks vacation, too.
Shut up, shithead!
You think the cops is closing in on us?
l just got this feeling
at the back of my neck.

Maybe you got crabs.
l wonder what the meanest, foulest,
rottenest, raunchiest sex crime ever was.

Sadie! What do you think
the sex crime of the century was?

l'm serious!
l ought to kill you.
How 'bout the Boston Strangler?
l always admired him.

-Bush league!
-l've got it!

-You sure?
-Yeah! Frood!

-Sigmund Frood!

Do you remember when a telephone pole
was just a telephone pole?