Last House on the Left

l wonder what the meanest, foulest,
rottenest, raunchiest sex crime ever was.

Sadie! What do you think
the sex crime of the century was?

l'm serious!
l ought to kill you.
How 'bout the Boston Strangler?
l always admired him.

-Bush league!
-l've got it!

-You sure?
-Yeah! Frood!

-Sigmund Frood!

Do you remember when a telephone pole
was just a telephone pole?

-Not anymore, sweetheart.

lt's a giant puh-hay-lis.
l can't even look at the Grand Canyon
anymore without crossing my legs.

That's bullshit.
This icing is delicious.
You must get a lot of hysterical parents
calling you now, Sheriff?

-lt's not that unusual, Mrs. Collingwood.

We've gotten lots of calls like this
in the past few years.

Kids running off to the big city
for a few days.

Our chances are that Mari will be back
before supper.

Still, it's wise of you to call us.
At least all our phones are working.
That's just great!
We're a million miles from nowhere, too!
King car of the road!

-All right, what's the matter?
-lt stopped!

l think l've found the trouble.
This thing pulled out,
and it's all covered with oil.

Christ, didn't they teach you nothing
in reform school?

Take it easy on him, he's just a kid.
l know, but when l was his age,
l could fix any car in two seconds.