Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie

There's not even a fire.
And the tabIe isn't set yet.
But it's after 8.
Good evening, dear AIice.
- Don RafaeI, how are you?
- Just fine.

- I'm so gIad to see you again.
- So am I.

What a surprise!
Had I known you were coming...
You weren't expecting us?
No, not tonight.
Not tonight?
No. I was expecting you tomorrow.
But Henri's invitation
was for tonight.

I'm sure of that.
That can't be...
- because Henri is at a business dinner.
- IncredibIe!

But I was there when he invited us.
In any case, tomorrow night is out.
I couIdn't have accepted. I've a
dinner at the CoIombian Embassy.

I reaIIy don't know what to say.
I'd invite you to eat with me,
but nothing is ready.

- I'm terribIy sorry.
- Don't be. It's nothing.

A sIight misunderstanding.
Won't you sit down?
Have a drink.

Don't put yourseIf out.
We'II be going.

By the way,
I know a charming inn nearby.
I've dined there on occasion.

- Let's try it. Be my guests.
- Good idea.

Why don't you join us?
That's sweet, but I'm not dressed.
No matter. It's quite
an informaI pIace.

- Then I'II just change my dress.
- Not at aII. Come as you are.