Play It Again, Sam

I never met one who didn't understand
a slap in the mouth

or a slug from a .45.
Come here, Sharon.
You are fantastic.
Up until tonight, the doctors had told
me that I was frigid.

I want to thank you
for proving them wrong.

You got any girl friends with
the same problem, bring them over.

When Dick and Linda spoke of you,
they used terms like,

"brilliant " and "genius"
but they didn't say
that you were also an animal.

Sorry I had to slap you around,

but you got hysterical
when I said "No more."

It's Linda.
I'm alone. Sharon's with Dick,
they're out parking.

He sent me in
to make sure everything's OK.

I didn't realise it was so late.
Did you break a bottle
of shaving lotion?

- I'm wearing too much?
- It's a touch strong.

Once we get out into the air,
you won't notice.

I better set this place up quickly.
It's fine.
We'll just have a quick drink and go.

A few carefully-placed objects
create the proper impression.

You can't leave books lying around
like you're reading them!

- It creates an image.
- You don't need an image.

Got just the thing,
my 100-yard-dash medal.

- You can't leave out a track medal.
- Why? I paid $20 for it.

I got a big decision to make.
Do I go with Oscar Peterson