The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

I hereby proclaim you
to be marshals of the court...

of the county of Greater Vinegarroon.
- For Texas and Miss Lillie!
- For Texas and Miss Lillie!

The whole thing was a mistake.
Why, I was framed from the start.
Set up by this two-bit vigilante judge
and his lynch mob.

They had nothing better to do.
Besides, I was easy to catch.
This here is Sam Dodd, Judge.
Genuine murderer.

- Who'd he kill?
- Chinaman and his greaser wife.

- Stole a fruit jar full of money.
- How much?

Close to $90.
That's a serious crime, son.
Where's the evidence?
We buried the victims
no more than an hour after he done it.

Get down off that horse!
I don't cotton to looking up
to the likes of you.

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Court of Vinegarroon is in session.
There'll be no drinking.

Judge Roy Bean presiding.
Do you have anything to say
before we find you guilty?

I'm not guilty of nothing.