Une belle fille comme moi

I ain't nuts! Hear that?
Don't hear nothing
Gonna dump this stinking wine
You sneaking out again?
No, Ma, I swear
So he dishonored me, that shit
Were you still a virgin
when you met him?

Half and half
At the Center
We couldn't go out
But the milkman, baker, doctor got in
My first was the doctor
Wow! Could he examine you!
Know how long I hid out?
Three weeks!
Clovis was scared of his Ma
But I had my plan
And one night I barged in on them
What's that?
Clovis! Darling!
Who's that?
I don't know
You don't know? Look, lady
I've been in his car for weeks
He bangs me all day
And he doesn't know!
Move over
I'm not of age, lady
I'm not having no baby in a rumble seat!
I'm pregnant
You're a granny!
You little shithead!
Oh Christ!
If your Pa could see you
A horny, dirty slob!
You win, I'll handle this!
So we got hitched
Old Isabel was so scared