Une belle fille comme moi

What's that?
Clovis! Darling!
Who's that?
I don't know
You don't know? Look, lady
I've been in his car for weeks
He bangs me all day
And he doesn't know!
Move over
I'm not of age, lady
I'm not having no baby in a rumble seat!
I'm pregnant
You're a granny!
You little shithead!
Oh Christ!
If your Pa could see you
A horny, dirty slob!
You win, I'll handle this!
So we got hitched
Old Isabel was so scared
She fixed everything
Went and got the license and all
And the little one?
Me? A baby? Are you kidding?
After the wedding,
I said, sorry, no baby

They didn't shed no tears
Did you get on with your mother-in-law?
She hated my guts but like I told her
You didn't lose a son
You found a daughter
You didn't lose a son
You found a daughter
Take this down, Helen
Clearly Camilla sought with Mr. Bliss
A compensation
for the hostile environment

of her childhood
You feel that you'd been unlucky
since childhood?

You bet! With that lousy meathead