Une belle fille comme moi

My name is Murene, attorney
Sorry to barge in, my secretary is ill
Could I see your husband?
After his accident
Did he get any compensation?
Not a cent!
They just carted him off
I thought so!
They run you down and skip off!
I'll handle it
But I must see Mr. Bliss first
He's got a lot of money coming
He's in the hospital
I'll take it
I don't have the money in my hat,
little lady

We must sue, convince a jury
Can't we talk it over?
Sure, come right in
I'll tell my cousin not to wait
I can't have dinner with you
There's this lawyer for my brother
When you're a victim
He fights for justice
That's Right
Sorry for the mess
Had to rush out to work
Please don't bother
This place is charming
It's sort of small
But nice and cozy
It's hot in here!
Not at all
Want a drink?
Whiskey, if I may
We've only got wine
My husband don't drink