Une belle fille comme moi

Sure, come right in
I'll tell my cousin not to wait
I can't have dinner with you
There's this lawyer for my brother
When you're a victim
He fights for justice
That's Right
Sorry for the mess
Had to rush out to work
Please don't bother
This place is charming
It's sort of small
But nice and cozy
It's hot in here!
Not at all
Want a drink?
Whiskey, if I may
We've only got wine
My husband don't drink
Here's to his health!
And to his home-coming!
That's right
He's in the hospital

You must feel terribly lonely
In the daytime it's okay
But at night!
I understand
Solitude! How well I know it!
I must tell you
I've never met anyone
A woman, I mean
With whom I can really relax
He relaxed so good
I wondered if he'd even make it home
I wondered if he'd even make it home
A nympho!
I bet she even raped the exterminator
Not at all
Let's go on
The subject's numerous affairs
Reveal an emotional insecurity