Une belle fille comme moi

Here's to his health!
And to his home-coming!
That's right
He's in the hospital

You must feel terribly lonely
In the daytime it's okay
But at night!
I understand
Solitude! How well I know it!
I must tell you
I've never met anyone
A woman, I mean
With whom I can really relax
He relaxed so good
I wondered if he'd even make it home
I wondered if he'd even make it home
A nympho!
I bet she even raped the exterminator
Not at all
Let's go on
The subject's numerous affairs
Reveal an emotional insecurity
Caused by an unhappy childhood
I know emotionally insecure alley cats
But she beats them all!
It's none of my business
But you worry me
Good God! Why?
You don't see the real Camilla
She claims she sings
And write songs
But does she study music? No!
She just hops into bed with the band!
You exaggerate
We shouldn't judge her
But try to understand

This country girl
Pitched into the bizarre world
of show business

Was doomed to be the victim of it
You really believe that?
She's not a victim
She's a menace!