Une belle fille comme moi

I'm Stanislas
The professor, sure
You called me
Does it work okay?
Mrs. Bliss told me about you
Shitting all over my public image again
Not at all
She admires you very much

I should hope so!
I laid her, so what?
Damn! What did she say about me?
She said you are a very great artist
She's a good kid
I miss her
She could've sung too
For laughs!

Would you say
Camilla is an artist, a pro?
In the hay, she's sure a pro
But her voice stinks
How is she?
Still well stacked?

She is a fine looking person
If she's freed she will need
A loving contact with reality
I'm ready to lay her any time!
That's contact!
That's not what I mean
Camilla needs to relate
To real people in real situations
Do you understand me?
Take your time, Professor
Don't lose your cool

When she gets out, I'll fix her up
How's that? Fair enough
You go for her yourself
And you figure I'll cut you out
Not at all!
My interest in her
Is purely intellectual
Man, I dig your style
But with camilla you gotta
Hit the target