Une belle fille comme moi

He'll be home soon
but I wonder where
I'll get the dough for a wheel-chair
For his re-education

Take it!
I can't!
You must! Material things don't matter
What good is my money if I can't be
rewarded by your sweet smile?

Where to?
Colt Saloon
Gotta rehearse

Tell me, Mr. Arthur
So just to be polite
I asked about his work
That did it! He went on and on
Bugs, termites, mice
When I appear, they disappear
You'll ask me
What about spiders?
Why, don't you kill them?
Search me!
I'll be frank with you
The termite eats into...
The heart of the house
If it lives, the house dies
I foresee your next question
And can't help smiling
Why the centipede?
I say centipede like I'd say bed bug
Here we are!

Mind waiting a minute?
My time is all yours