Une belle fille comme moi

Be a good kid, sign here
And there
There's nothing written!
Just routine, little lady
I won't bother you with legal jargon
Careful, it's not dry
Aren't you ashamed?
Displaying all that trash to children
You have the money?
What money?
You should give me money
Look baby! I gotta make a living
Your husband got nun over
And he wants bread
You call, I come
But I'm no Salvation Army
Didn't your parents tell you
Lawyers equals dough
How much?
Those breasts! Those thighs!
It's a scandal!
An aggression
Against the mental integrity
Of helpless kids

Innocent children!
I know, I'm wrong
I shouldn't carry on so
What did the lawyer say
Is he efficient?
You bet! I'm pooped
All that running around killed me
I couldn't think straight
Keeping those four guys happy
At least one of them behaved properly
I mean Arthur
That one?
He was just like the rest
Except he didn't know it
Some little boys have no ambition
But at nine I decided I'd be
an exterminator

And I succeeded!
Look Miss Camilla