Une belle fille comme moi

It's a scandal!
An aggression
Against the mental integrity
Of helpless kids

Innocent children!
I know, I'm wrong
I shouldn't carry on so
What did the lawyer say
Is he efficient?
You bet! I'm pooped
All that running around killed me
I couldn't think straight
Keeping those four guys happy
At least one of them behaved properly
I mean Arthur
That one?
He was just like the rest
Except he didn't know it
Some little boys have no ambition
But at nine I decided I'd be
an exterminator

And I succeeded!
Look Miss Camilla
This attic is rotting
And without me
The house would collapse
It's like a cancer of the brain
The cruelty of it all!
See these two little flies in a spider web
They will be avenged
So I went over
But there was this rug
And I tripped
Arthur raved and ranted
Like I'd been killed
It's my fault
can you even forgive me?
Let me help, little bird
He grabbed me like an octopus
His hands were all over me
Fate was doing her bit
So I reckoned I must do mine
There was this old sofa
I grabbed Arthur
So his face was right over mine