Une belle fille comme moi

This attic is rotting
And without me
The house would collapse
It's like a cancer of the brain
The cruelty of it all!
See these two little flies in a spider web
They will be avenged
So I went over
But there was this rug
And I tripped
Arthur raved and ranted
Like I'd been killed
It's my fault
can you even forgive me?
Let me help, little bird
He grabbed me like an octopus
His hands were all over me
Fate was doing her bit
So I reckoned I must do mine
There was this old sofa
I grabbed Arthur
So his face was right over mine
Oh Arthur! I just couldn't help myself
Before we reached the sofa
We stopped being Platonic

I was his first!
He sure made up for lost time
The houses he dragged me to!
And each time...
The same routine
To turn him on
It had to be accidental
Trip on a step or a rug...
and then...

He would come on me
Forgive me!
What have I done?
How could I?
I succumbed to temptation
Oh the flesh! The body!
The body disobeyed the brain