Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

...a time to kill.
But now it's time
you got close to God, boy.

I heard God's fast...
...but I have to go up in front of him
myself before I'd bet on it.

You will.
Well, that puts me on my way.
I got to go collect a few more taxes.
He's all yours.

Two days, boys.
I count eight days till dawn, Billy.
You'd best be on your knees and making
the acquaintance of your Lord and master.

Pat, keep that mule's asshole away from me
before I have to break him.

I surely wish you'd try, son.
I got my shotgun full of 16 thin dimes.
Enough to spread you out
like a crazy woman's quilt.

- Bob.
- Why don't you sing a song of Jesus...

...while there's still a way.
- Bob. Bob.

Damn it.
You mess around with him one more time,
I'll send your ass back to Texas.

I think I'd like to keep him here a while.
I fold, Billy.
Folding three queens, now, are you?
You must be afraid
I'll go out a loser, Bell.

- I guess I just ain't seeing them.
- Well, I'll tell you what...

:17:56 long as I'm breathing,
let's play it straight.

I ain't sold my saddle like you
and the rest of the town boys, Bell.